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Merlion Memorabilia

If you are interested in getting souvenirs, the Merlion Memorabilia would be a good choice. Prices range from $1 to $15 depending on the size and the craftmanship.

Where: Chinatown, Mustafa, Yue Hwa.

Bak Kwa

These are dried sliced pork/ chicken barbaqued to a crisp and give off a mouth-watering aroma. Bak Kwa is similar to beef jerky and is a popular snack eaten during the Chinese New Year.

Where: Bee Cheng Hiang (many chain stores around Singapore, including Chinatown).

Electronics goods

Electonics goods are relatively cheaper in Singapore, and many tourists visit Singapore specifically for to shop for consumer electronics gadgets. Piracy is not prevalent, but do beware of dirty sales trick though. There have been complains that in some cases, salesmen offer low prices for their products. After paying, the customer is told that this price does not include a charger or batteries, and would require a higher amount to get the additional accesories. Try to go to a few shops in the building to check out the prices before buying. When the deal is too good to be true, chances are, there is a catch somewhere.

Popular: Sim Lim Square, Funan Centre.


If you are into cooking, or have friends / relatives that do, giving spices can be a unique gift. The spices / food flavourings are commercially packed in small packets and are available at most supermarkets.

For a Uniquely Singapore experience, you can purchase spices to make the following dishes: Laksa (spicy), Bak Kut Teh (pork ribs soup), and Hainanese chicken rice.  

Where: Major supermarkets such as NTUC, Giant, Cold Storage, Shop and Save. 


Tiger Balm medicated oil

This is a popular gift among asian tourists from China, Hong Kong and even Japan. The medicated oil provides relief from muscle ache as well as mosquito bites.

Where: Major supermarkets and convenience stores.



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