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Probably one of the last few 'slums' in Singapore, the Sungei Road Flea Market is one of the oldest Flea market in Singapore. It was previously known as the 'thieves market'. The name was coined back in the early days, where the peddle wares were so cheap that they were considered a great steal. In fact, some of the items on sale were stolen goods.

Here, you will find everything and anything. And we mean ANYTHING. We saw second hand items like shirt, pants, old shoes, dusty toys. At one point, we were looking at stuffs that we might have thrown away during spring cleaning.

The more interesting things we noted (if you call it 'gems to be uncovered') were antiques such as Buddhist relics, paintings, retro home decoration items (if you want to get some retro antiques on the cheap), and dollar notes from various countries (if you are a currency collector).

Electronic Goods - In contrast to Sim Lim Square down the road, which sells only the latest electronics gadgets, you can find electronic goods that can bring back memories from the good ol' days. We saw Gameboys, VCD players, cassette tapes, mobile phones, line feed printers whose warranties had expired decades ago.

The Flea Market today is a place that is off the beaten track for tourists, as well as for the average Singaporean. Do not expect it to be as touristy as official tourist destinations such as the Zoo. But It has its unique  characteristics and shows another face of clean and systematic Singapore. You may drop by if you are passing through Little India or Sim Lim Square.

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Opening hours

The stalls are usually opened from 1pm to 7pm daily. The flea market is most crowded during the weekends. They are not opened when it is raining though.


Getting There

From Sim Lim Square, the Sungei Road Flea Market is about 300m down Jalan Besar Road. The market is located in the area around by Weld Road, Kelantan Road and Sungei Road.



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