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Where to eat

Did we mentioned that Singapore is a food paradise? Food is readily available at every corner for every budget type at any time. Singaporeans are crazy for food and don't mind queueing for hours at some places to get a nice bowl of noodles, or even donuts.


Inexpensive food can be found at these 3 types of eating places: Food Court, Hawker Centre, and Coffee Shops. Food prices range from S$2.50 to S$5 for a single serving, such as a bowl of noodles or a plate of rice.

Food Court

Image Food Courts are normally found in shopping centres. They are air-conditioned and are kept very clean. There are many food stalls to choose from, and you can order your food from any one of them. However, their prices tend to be S$0.50 - S$1.00 more expensive than hawker centres and coffee shops, depending on the location of the food court.

Note that all the food are 'self-service', i.e. they will not serve the food to your table. You are expected to queue, order and collect your food from the food stall. If you are travelling with your mates or family, look for a table first. Have someone wait at the table while the rest can go and buy food. If you are travelling alone and there are no empty tables around after you have collected your food, you can try looking for an empty seat. Politely ask those sitting there if they mind sharing the table. Usually Singaporeans are hospitable and will not mind sharing. 



Image This is al-fresco dining: Singapore-style. There is no air-con, and some might find the place dirty. But there are more stalls to choose from as compared to a food court, and the price of the food is lower. Note that for hawker centres, the vendors at the food stall will deliver the food to your table (unless they have a 'self-service' sign in front of their stall). Do look for a table first and note the table number, before you go to order your food.




Coffee Shops:

The local coffee shops are not to be confused with cafe's like Starbucks and Coffee Bean. These coffee shops do not only sell coffee, they sell food as well. They are similar to hawker centres, except that they are much smaller, and are normally found on the first floor of housing flats.



Generally, most of the restaurants or eating houses in the shopping centres are well-priced and suitable for family dining. The price range is from $10-$20 per person depending on what you order. Note that for restaurants, there is an additional 10% service charge and 7% GST that will be added to the bill.



You can find Fine-Dining restaurants in many five-star hotels. There are also many restaurants all over the island, with good food and nice ambience. Check out our 'Recommended: Food > Indulge' section for more.


What to eat

If you are looking for food at a restaurant (or eating houses), there is a wide variety from all over the world to choose from. These includes Chinese restaurants, Japanese, Italian, Steak-houses, localised Thai food, and Indian restaurants (many found in Little India). Recently, Korean restaurants are also getting popular.

It is recommended to try some of the local food, either at the food court, hawker centre or the coffee shops. Note that for most of the food, you can request whether you want it spicy or not.  

Local Food: Chinese- style

Chicken Rice 

As the name suggests, this dish is rice with a serving of chicken. Unlike the usual white steam rice, the rice used here is cooked together with the chicken. Hence, it is infused with the aroma of the chicken.

Char Kuay Teow (Fried Noodles)

This is a dish of noodles fried with black sweet sauce, with a generous helping of eggs, chinese sausage and mini oysters.

If you like noodles, you can also try Hokkien Fried Prawn Noodle or Fishball Noodle (also known as Minced Meat Noodle) for dry noodles. Or if you prefer noodles with soup, you can try Prawn Noodle or Laksa (spicy). 

Bak Kut Teh (Pork ribs soup)

This is a dish of pork ribs cooked in herbs and spices. Best eaten together with rice and preserved vegetables.

Chilli Crab



Local Food: Malay- style


Mee Siam/ Mee Soto/ Mee Rebus

Nasi Lemak, Nasi Briyani

Curry Puff/ Sardine Puff


Local Food: Indian- style 

Roti Prata, Thosai

North and South Indian restaurants at Little India 


 Local Food: Western Style

 Grilled Chicken Chop



Ice Kachang, Ice Jelly with Cocktail, Ice Chendol 

Pandan Cake 

Nonya Cakes 


It is known as the 'king of all fruits' here. It is so popular that the prominent icon for the Arts- the Esplanade, is modelled after it (although, the similarity was most likely unintentional). Some might find the smell repulsive though. But those who like it, will LOVE it!

There are roadside stalls which only sells durian. At these places, there are tables and chairs available where you can 'dine-in'. The quality of the durians are assured, but they are somewhat pricey. Alternatively, you can find it at supermarkets, like NTUC, where the 'flesh' of the durian is nicely packed in a box. These are lessy expensive. Usually from 3 boxes for $5 (for the really poor ones) to 1 box for $15 (for the high quality D24 durians). Remember to bargain with the seller, especially when it's late at night and he still have many packets left.


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